Esau is an 8-year-old autistic child with absolutely no speech, language or communication abilities.  Out of desperation, his father contacted The Angel Network after exhausting all resources to get Esau into a school. The Department of Education offered no assistance whatsoever.  

Dr Cara Hollander, an audiologist and member of The Angel Network took it upon herself to find a suitable school for Esau which was no easy task.  Finding the Department of Education completely dismissive, Cara decided to approach Carte Blanche and other media sources to assist in obtaining long-term help for Esau (and many other children). Not surprisingly, within days of hearing about this, the Department of Education had placed Esau in a government school where reportedly he is doing really well. All fees for transport, supplies, food and any other needs for a year were covered by an extremely generous KwaZulu Natal businessman who would prefer to remain anonymous.