Siboniso, an 11 year old, was diagnosed with severe autism after suffering severe bullying at a mainstream school in grade 1 and 2.  As a result of his family’s financial situation, he was unable to attend a special needs school which was too expensive.

Each day, Siboniso would put on his uniform, lace up his perfectly polished shoes and pick up his bag filled with books. 

He would walk over to a shady spot under the tree, overlooking the school, and watch the children at school.  When the bell rang, he would make his way home.

The Angel Network got wind of his story and started a back a buddy campaign.  Both Good Things Guy and News24 shared our story which touched thousands of hearts around the world.  While the goal was to reach R40 000, we were able to raise close to R80 000 and we are thrilled to report that Siboniso started at a special needs school in January 2019. The extra funds have been placed in a trust which will no doubt assist both Siboniso and his family for many years to come.  Siboniso boards at the school Monday to Friday and spends weekends at home.