To the Angel Network …

You are truly Angels sent from heaven to me and my son…when you came into our lives it really felt like you were sent to us purposely, were just on time because we were at that stage in life where I had given up about life,I was hopeless,had no strength in me left ..I would look at my child and cry and feel like I had failed him…but then I heard about you from a woman in church,I looked for you on Facebook..and our lives changed…my son was always miserable,he would sometimes go to bed with no food.. sometimes he would have Mageu as a meal..and he would cry all night .It would break my some stage we once slept in the security guard’s office because we had not paid rent and they locked me and my baby out…he was less than a year old by then ..I cried till my tears dried up…but all that changed when I met Glynn and the Angel Network..truly that name deserves them ,coz they are indeed angels..Now I have a roof over my head,we have food everyday,most especially ,my son now goes to school like other children.and I am also given a chance to follow my dream ,I now go to a beauty therapy school like I’ve always wanted to..all these is happening in our lives because of the Angel son even has access to speech therapy sessions and his speech is improving daily..he never used to speak..he would just point at things if he wants something ,thank you to the Angel Network my son is one of the happiest kids I know these days..he has even learnt how to pray and thank God for the food .he appreciates every little thing he gets,he even says “thank you” has traumatized him but he has come out a stronger child out of things we have gone through..I have also been emotionally damaged because of the things I had to go through .but through the help of the Angel Network I have been receiving therapy sessions and counselling for me the trauma..and all I can say is I’m at a better place now

I can never thank that Angel Network for all they have done for me and son.Every day when I wake up I’m reminded that I am what I am today by because of if the Angel Network..and everyday when I go to bed I pray and thank God for introducing the Angel Network in our live😊

I am truly grateful for what the Angel Network has been doing for me and my son…May God continue blessing them and enabling them to continue helping the needy out there

Landiwe Mgedezi