Dear Glynne
Letter of appreciation

As one of the many beneficiaries of your organization – The Angel Network whose actions encapsulate the fact that deeds we do for ourselves vanish when we depart, while the actions we do for others cement the legacy for a better future for humanity. In my personal name and in the name of Rights2Live Africa Foundation and its members. We would like to seize here first and foremost to seize this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for the assistance, help, support and care we have received from May 5, 2020.

We will try as much as possible to detail every aspect of the unprecedented generosity
our community has benefitted from.

While this was happening we wish to reiterate that what matters most is the agape-love you have shown us as asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and stateless people in general on the one hand, and on the other hand vulnerable local citizens through our Community Based Organization.

To date:
23 200 families have received food parcels per month which equate to 92 800 people touched at the count of 4 members per family. Second hands and new clothes have been distributed to provide warmth to vulnerable people.

Baby items : porridge, milk, nappies and clothing
Funds to provide a decent burial to people or to help for schooling fees
Support for St Janes Orphanage, (Kelvin) and Shelter in Rosettenville receiving school stationeries, school fees, first-hand clothing bought from the shops, food, and warm clothing for winter, Furniture and various items such as a printer, learners books and video cassettes to study; Legal support for a migrant learner who could not write her Matriculation, Equally important, the relationships we have built with many people touching our lives, Supported Congolese communities undergoing difficult times in Durban, Cape Town, Bridgetown and Pretoria when it became necessary.

In the wake of the changes that occurred in recent year, the pandemic has caused a crisis for which Angel Networks acted with humanity to restore our dignity as in ensuring that the life for our community is preserved.
In a nutshell, I can’t even recall every gesture that brought positive change in our lives that has yielded respect for everyone. The Angel Network shapes and cements the social harmony between communities.
We remain in awe of what The Angel Networks have helped us achieve. We are most grateful and express our appreciation.

Yours sincerely,
Nicole and Jean Bwasa