A Place for Young adults 18 – 30 where even dreams believe 

The history of our relationship with Twilight and The Angel Network began in response to the food crisis arising from COVID with the immediate response to the crisis, food, hygiene items and PPE. 

We did not want to be a food supplier, we wanted to be a self-sustainable force to ensure that the community would be provided with privileges and dignity and ongoing self-development in order to function and become contributors to the SA economy. 

In May 2020 with the support of two volunteers under The Angel Network, the young men living at Twilight decided to take us on a positive path to achieve their own personal goals, projects, and dreams. 

We developed new partnerships, with key players in Hillbrow and a collaboration developed with organisations to create creative functional and active economic participants living in The Inner City.

One year later Twilight Innovation Hub is an inspirational & unique space in Hillbrow, JHB, providing a supportive environment to learn, grow, discover talents, and give back. 

Through a wide variety of programs, networks and skills training, the youth are guided into promising futures as they learn to make healthy choices for themselves in mind, body and spirit. 

The organizations and groups listed below all come together in the Twilight Innovation Hub, to create a combination of skills training for our residents, first and foremost, but also to the community and those in need. This facility is full of teamwork, support, business opportunities and the “Each One Teach One” concept. 

The teamwork and collaborations that have come together in the past 6 months to begin to grow this home & hub, into it’s full potential include Angel Network as one of it’s first & most faithful supporters. Melrose Arch, Amdec, Afrox and Plascon Paint as well as other other angels currently involved with this project to shaping our young men and the Hillbrow community are as follows:

The Journey Home Project – Cheri Lopez: 

An established program working with the 15 residents of Twilight to assist in various skills development training, furthering education, life skills, and everything contributing to mind, body & spiritual growth. 

These programs are designed to support the 15 gents in gaining job skills, healthy habits, self-awareness, gratitude and discipline. These programs assist them to level up to the ultimate goal of becoming self-sufficient men who give back to our communities as fathers, brothers, husbands, leaders and positive male role models of South Africa. 

We are currently focused in the following areas of skills training as we work with our dedicated networks to form the new customized programs for Twilight’s unique potential. 

            MENtor programme development -Heart Of The Home:  Cheri Lopez

  • Daily supervision for the youths
  • A programme for all leaders working within the Twilight HUB 
  • Trainers, mentorships, and life skills classes provided for the residents and community
  • Confidence & team building

“Becoming a great mentor is by no means a specific destination, but a journey with starting point and a constantly changing end point. To be effective at different stages of this journey, a mentor needs to keep his or her mind open, constantly add value, help the relationship evolve and play different roles at different stages.” Cheri Lopez

Twilight Security Team – Dennis Ncube and Moses Dube

  • Security training, conflict resolution, mentorship, supplies and support from Bad Boys and Mantis Security Companies as well as EKhaya Hillbrow Improvement District 

Twilight Food and Nutation :  Sandile Mandoza 

  • Cooking & nutrition skills training
  • Gratitude and MENtor
  • Weekly food hampers for our community supporters 
  • Admin support 
  • Cleaning 
  • Packing
  • Organising 
  • Workshops and Training 

Jozi Sporting Development – Thabang Mokoena

  • Fitness and sports training for approximately 70 younger boys of the community
  • After school homework assistance, mentoring, and library provided 
  • Weekly food hampers offered to the children and families to assist with food security

            Fight With Insight: Luke Lambrecht, Anton Gillmnore and  Jennifer Maitibi

  • Daily boxing and fitness training with an on-site gym and boxing ring
  • Trainers, mentorships, and life skills classes provided for the residents and community
  • Weekly cooking skills trainings with Chef Masa
  • Events and Fight Nights

Johannesburg Awakening Minds (J.A.M.)  –  Lwazi Mayeki and Octavia Dube

  • Acting skills training
  • Confidence & team building
  • Performance opportunities

Hillbrow Media Center – Hams Hanana

  • Media, broadcasting & recording skills training
  • Well established local radio station, IT innovation
  • Advertising, digital marketing & events
  • Confidence building working with local  celebrates  
  • Support business opportunities and proposals for all youths in the Twilight programme 

Ceramics & Pottery Workshops – Job Taile (Twilight Resident for 30 years)

  • On-site skills training with our resident pottery/ceramics master
  • Weekend workshops for the community & youth organizations

            Onthatile Industries – Thato Mpolokeng

  • Business development 
  • Mental wellness
  • Event planning

Green Heart Moringa Farm – Yoonus Mitha

  • On-site garden design and training at Twilight 
  • Plant nutrition education
  • Farm skills training at Yoonis’ farm (Moringa & medicinal plants)
  • Eco-Minded teaching and events through his organization YEA Network (Youth Environmental Activist Networks)

            Innercity CANS – Annie, Cleopatra and Nathi 

  •  Office space provided for their NGO and meeting spaces, collaborations for events & community outreach 
  • Twilight kitchen host a once a month soup kitchen, for one of their feeding programs

            Flames of Hope – Nathi

  •  Office space provided for their NGO and meeting spaces, collaborations for events & community outreach 

SA Food Harvest – 

  • Weekly food donations for our kitchen & residents
  • Twilight will begin a monthly soup kitchen with them (June/July) as a community service. Our kitchen team & cooking skills training programs partner with them as a community service and help teach our residents to give back in gratitude. 
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