Keeping Pit Toilets Clean

Keeping Pit Toilets Clean


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Sadly pit toilets are here to stay and while it would be a logistical nightmare to install millions of toilets around the country, we have been approached by a company with a solution to restore a little dignity to those using pit toilets. How can we expect people to sanitize when their pit toilets are so degrading and disgusting.

This product not only cleans toilets but it diffuses the foul smell and gets rid of flies.
A Government that cannot feed its people, certainly cannot afford to offer them clean toilets and so it’s up to us to make their environment cleaner and more decent.

It costs R150 for the initial month to literally flush out all the dirt and thereafter it’s just R50 monthly to maintain it. SO…R200 will provide a clean pit toilet for 2 months.

For R300 you can keep a pit toilet clean for 4 months.

As a special offer, R549 will keep a toilet clean for a year.

We implore each person to set up a monthly debit order or make a once off donation so that people can live more hygienically. Every time a pit toilet gets too full, it is closed up and a new one is created. Let’s put an end to this today.

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2 months, 4 months, 1 year