Vegetable atchar/pickles by Bakithi

Vegetable atchar/pickles by Bakithi




An amazing human being who is trying his best to just put food on his table while giving back a portion to charity. Why would you not support this special man?

Good morning, My name is Bakithi Scott Ngcamphalala I’m a 25 years old South African male. I did Advanced diploma in project management with ICM a student body in UK but due to shortage of funds I couldn’t continue with my studies, but was lucky enough to get hands on project management experience in the construction/civil engineering industry. I have a Scrum master certificate and IBM Artificial intelligence concepts certificate. I’ve been out of formal work for 2 years now and been struggling to put food on the table or make a general living. Over the two years of unemployment I’ve been trying to run a company that manufacturers vegetable atchar/pickles which proved to have business potential until lockdown was introduced. Since then I’ve been trying to run campaigns to raise funds for reinvesting in my business, I have tried crowdfunding campaigns but I failed raising even a cent. My efforts didn’t end there but I tried seeking employment from different places including carwashes but everyone was telling me to leave my Curriculum vitae which I did. I’m here before you appealing for any contributions for reinvesting in my business, or to support my business by purchasing my atchar, it would be greatly appreciated. A portion of my profits will go to The Angel Network. I have no one to go to, I was raised by poor guardians residing in KZN near Tongaat, not real parents.

Please support Bakithi & purchase a bottle of his vegetable atchar- R50 for a 750ml bottle