Sammy D’s Soup Kitchen

Aussie mom & The Angel Network open Sammy D's Soup Kitchen that feeds 1000's

There have been many moments that have taken our breath away but nothing comes close to what we experienced today at the official opening of Sammy D’s kitchen.
Smiling faces, warm hearts, open hands and a melodious choir formed a guard of honour to welcome us and we felt overwhelmingly touched and honoured to be there.
Sammy D’s kitchen was made possible by love, kindness and generosity after Belinda Daniels and Louise Fisher collaborated to crochet and sell the most special dolls which communities all over Australia rallied round to support. In so doing, they raised well over R100 000 which will provide 3 000 people with 3 hot meals 3 x a week for a very long time to come. All this has been done to honour the memory of Belinda, Edwin and Carly Daniels beloved son and brother, Sammy, who passed away tragically 8 years ago at just 21.
The community of Driezik 10 are just incredible. They live peacefully and proudly and every home and garden is kept immaculate. We spent an unbelievable morning with unforgettable people who opened our eyes to real generosity of spirit, gratitude and appreciation. We feel so humbled and lucky to be a part of this truly heartwarming community.
Thank you Clive Mashishi for being a giant of a man and doing so much for so many. Thank you Ayanda and Nosipo for taking on the soup kitchen. Thank you Ilan Ossendrywer of Soweto & Other Townships Tours with Photojournalist Ilan Ossendryver for getting us there and back safely and for taking some unbelievable videos and photos. We are so grateful.

Original Appeal

There is nothing stronger than the love a mother has for her child.
For Belinda Sash Daniels this bond is extra meaningful. Eight years ago her beautiful Sammy tragically lost his life at the young age of 21.

Belinda has found comfort in teaching herself to crochet dresses for these AMAZING dolls. Each doll is hand- made with hours of love, patience and dedication. Belinda has so generously given us these dolls, an exceptional gift in honour of her Sammy.
Please consider purchasing a unique doll for a minimum donation of $30 or an additional donation of your choice. The funds will be used to sponsor a soup kitchen in South Africa with the help of the remarkable ANGEL NETWORK, to feed thousands of starving children. For those that would like to support this cause but at the same time have no need for the doll, the funds you donate will still be used for SAMMY’S KITCHEN but as many as possible will be regifted to a child in need in Australia.
Knowing every cent raised for the sale of these dolls will honour her precious boy, gives Belinda and her family so much joy.
9 dolls will feed 200-250 children for a month or 1 doll will feed 2 families of 4 for a month!!!!
Let us honour SAMMY DANIELS and make a difference to a child in need. Please pm me and I will co-ordinate doll delivery and bank account details.
Thank you so much. Louise Fisher 💞💞💞