About Us

Helping where help is needed

Our Aim

The Angel Network is an organization, run solely via the power of social media. We are a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO: 181-947). We are also a registered Public Benefits Organisation (PBO) and can issue Section 18-A tax deductible receipts for any donations paid to The Angel Network.

Our goal is to create a gateway for giving. A platform from which helping where help is needed, is easily accessible to anyone wanting to do a little more, and give a little more. The Angel Network enables, facilitates and mobilises acts of kindness.

The Angel Network is not affiliated to any one charity, but rather offers assistance to established welfare organisations, whenever and wherever help is needed.

We provide a portal to offer help wherever help is needed, by giving a hand UP, rather than a handout. 

Who are we

Our Executive Angels

The Executive Committee is made up of Four Everyday Angels: Glynne Wolman (founder), Lindi Katzoff, Hayley Glasser, and Beverley Smith. We receive no government funding.

We are wives, mothers, aunts, nieces … we are every day citizens who want to make a meaningful difference to our communities and our country.

We have branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.


Charities Assisted

People Helped

Donations Received

A note from our founder

Glynne Wolman

The Angel Network provides support to thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa by working closely with over 50 non-profit organizations and outreach centres. Together with input and assistance from over 25 000+ dedicated Facebook members, volunteers and sponsors, we operate from Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. We are committed to investing in children so that the world around them can ultimately benefit. If a child is provided with enough to eat, a safe environment, an education and if they are heard, understood and recognized, they in turn will work to raise their standard of living, not only for themselves but for their family and their entire community. The Angel Network provides a platform for being able to help merely by belonging to Facebook. Members enjoy making a difference in a tangible way without getting donor fatigue and so, for example, are happy to donate sleeping bags to the homeless, blankets to the cold and backpacks and stationery to school children who have gone without for far too long.

Memorable moments include taking a family existing in a rat-infested hole under a house, placing them in a fully furnished flat with rent covered for a year while they get back on their feet, to meeting Beauty, a real, live angel who took it upon herself to feed 80 hungry children daily, relying purely on donations. Today FeedSA provide all food for “Beauty’s children”. 100’s of teenage girls no longer miss up to 50 days of school a year since being supplied with menstrual cups, assisting them for the next 5 years and over 3 000 township children will be barefoot no more after being given brand new school shoes on Mandela Day.

Let us draw inspiration from the words of Nelson Mandela when he said, “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

In November 2015, I discovered the real power of social media, the day The Angel Network was born. It all began because of the need by so many who need so much. To date we have organized and provided feeding schemes, sanitation, clothing, education and supplies to schools, crèches, maternity homes, orphanages, outreach centres and the homeless in 6 provinces across our country.