In Support of Pearl's Children

On the 3rd of August 2020, Hlengiwe “Pearl” Msimango was shot and killed in Johannesburg.

Pearl leaves behind two beautiful children; a three-year-old little girl who witnessed her mother’s death, and an 8-month-old little boy who was crazy about his beautiful mommy. Pearl’s daughter is currently in counselling to address the horrific incident she endured. Pearl’s two children are currently being cared for by a relative.

One of Pearl’s dear friends, KT, started the m.y.g.i.r.l.p.e.a.r.l initiative on Instagram to raise funds for Pearl’s children through the sale of beautiful, personalised bracelets. Each bracelet is lovingly handmade by KT with a pearl in remembrance of her beauty and shine.

As a friend of KT’s, I have set up this BackaBuddy fundraiser to allow the public to donate funds without KT having to make a bracelet in return for their donation.

I am sure there are many out there, like me, who would like to donate to this cause in an attempt to positively impact the lives of these two precious children who have already dealt with so much.

This will be an ongoing initiative as Pearl’s kids will require support until they are legal adults. KT is managing these funds to ensure schooling, books, school supplies, clothing, food etc have been taken care of.

KT’s dream is to see Pearl’s children finish university and lead happy, independent, successful lives, which is what Pearl would’ve wanted.

She was a vibrant soul who brought joy to everyone she encountered. Please support our plight to change the trajectory of these children’s lives, and to keep Pearl’s memory alive.


Tragic Shooting Leaves Breadwinner, Jenny, Paralysed for Life

A young man who worked as a Bot Driver, Jenny Tshuma, has become the latest victim of a brazen drive-by shooting which occurred in Rosettenville. Caught in the crossfire, this 24-year-old husband and father of 2 has been shot in the back and exited through his stomach.

Jenny, who was head of his household and the sole breadwinner of his family, now has no means of income to cover the cost of a carer, his mounting medical bills and the extensive physical and emotional therapy he requires.

Currently, Jenny is in the ICU at Baragwanath Hospital, recovering from serious injuries. Doctors say he may never walk again.

All funds will be managed and administered by The Angel Network and will be used to support this family, who are reeling in the wake of this trauma.

Help Courtney with a life changing Operation

Hi, I am Barbara Laubscher,and I am from KwaZulu-Natal,Durban.

I am Courtney’s mom and I am unable to describe or put into words the nightmare we have been through this past year. No mother should have to watch her child suffer so much. The feeling of being so helpless is excruciating. I will never stop fighting for my daughter and I pray that mothers and fathers who know my pain, our friends and family and anyone who reads this that can resonate will find it in your hearts to help us.

Courtney is 26 years old and has spent the better part of the past year in the hospital. She is Diabetic type 1 with chronic gastroparesis- which is a debilitating disease that causes paralysis of the stomach. In essence, she battles to digest food and as a result suffers severe stomach pains, nausea and vomiting. She currently lies in Hillcrest Hospital waiting for a life-changing operation (gastric pacemaker) that medical aid will not authorize. We know with your support we can raise these funds and give Courtney back her life so she can come home to her family.

Courtney is a young mom to a beautiful 6-year-old daughter who is also special needs and desperately needs her mother.

Courtney is not able to get through a day without suffering and is unable to function normally as she is always sick, weak, dizzy, nauseous, vomiting, and in pain and the psychological effects have placed her in a very dark place where she has said she does not want to die but she does not want to live like this.

She is barely able to get through a few days without having to go back to the hospital as she becomes too weak, dehydrated and malnourished from the constant vomiting. Currently, she will stay in the hospital until she gets this operation as trying to leave so she can be with her daughter ends up with her being admitted back into the hospital.

Her daughter Mila-Grace has down syndrome and doesn’t understand why her mother can’t come home. She is also suffering so much and misses her mom every day.

The funds raised will be used to pay for the gastric pacemaker, anesthetist, specialist surgeon, theatre and drug expenses and hospital stay to recover (5 days provided for)

The total amount being (estimated) R194 033.89

We have rounded it off to R200 000 to provide for follow up consultations or should any other unexpected fee arise from complications.

Abell et al (2002) performed GES in 33 patients with intractable gastroparesis. Patients were assessed 3, 5 and 12 months following permanent implantation. These researchers reported that 97 percent of patients experienced a greater than 80percent reduction in nausea and vomiting.

All funds raised will be paid directly to the Hospital.

Desperate Funds Required for Thandeka - Amputee and Paraplegic

This is beautiful Thandeka, who is in desperate need of some very urgent help.

Thandeka was walking to work, on Louis Botha Avenue, in February 2021 and was hit by a car travelling at an extremely high speed. The accident resulted in the amputation of her right leg and left her paralyzed from the waist down. Thandeka was treated at Charlotte Maxeke hospital until it closed down due to the fire. Unfortunately, due to negligent nursing care, she was discharged with horrific bedsores over her sacral region, knee and back. She was sent home without a wheelchair and without having been educated about how to live with and manage her condition. The situation is now dire!

Monga – her partner – has shown incredible commitment and loyalty to Thandeka since then. He has cared for her and loved her despite significantly limited means. Monga has a part-time job at KFC and struggles to make ends meet. They live in a single-room in Yeoville. They can barely afford food and rent, let alone nappies and other items to provide Thandeka the love, kindness and care she needs to lead a dignified life.

They have had to send their 9 year old daughter back to Zimbabwe as they cannot afford to care for her here in South Africa any longer. The lady who hit Thandeka promised to help her, but disappeared soon after realising that she was Zimbabwean…Thandeka’s mother has come from Zim to help during the day while Monga is at work, and she sleeps on the floor alongside her daugher. That means 3 adults living in one room.

Monga is feeling so despondent and depressed, and just needs some help and hope. Thandeka is receiving care through Sister Daniella at the Wound Clinic in Dowerglen and we need to cover costs of each appointment, which is R2500 per week. Sister Daniella has been helping pro-bono so far.

All funds will be used to manage costs like food, rent, medical care, appointments etc to ensure Thandeka is loved and looked after in this very trying time.

Madison Peacocks Feet Surgery

Hi, my name is Tracy Peacock and I am raising funds for my youngest daughter, Edenvale, Gauteng.

Madison Ann Peacock is 13 years old and we both reside in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are raising funds for Madi as she was born with Rigid and Recalcitrant Talipes Calcaneovalgus which in laymans terms is the opposite of club feet.

On the day Madison was born we met Dr Stefan Colyn who put Madisons first plaster of paris onto her legs and having her first surgery at 3 months old. Madi has had to have numerous surgeries as she grows and she is unable to have a plate put into her feet until she stops growing. Madi has been experiencing pain these past couple of months and this is from a daughter who never complains about pain and is one tough young lady and endured numerous surgeries and fractured feet. Through the support and love of her Primary School we were supported to let Madi see Dr Colyn for another consultation regarding her feet.

The prognosis is that Madi requires more surgery on her feet. I am hoping to have this surgery done for Madison in December 2021 before she starts High School so that Madi has time to recover. We are unfortunately not on any medical plans or hospital plans. I have been told by Madi’s teachers and support structure at school how she walks at school in pain and I would really like to make this surgery a possibility for her as they are concerned about her well being as well.

I am happy to share the quotations from the Wilgers Hospital and Doctors with anyone if you would like me to email them to you.

This is the breakdown of costs:

Dr Stefan Colyn: R11 273,22 and Dr Colyn has offered a 30 percent discount should the funds be paid in full the Friday before her surgery which is R7891 Life Health Care Wilgers Pre-Estimate (which includes Orthotics, Prosthetics, Anaesthetist : R73 265.67, Dr’s and Hospital Total Amount: R81 156.00 and with the Backabuddy fees R85 822.47

Your support would be the greatest gift to a daughter I love immensely and wish nothing more for Madi to be pain free and walk with no pain, participate in sports at school again and to do what normal 13 year old young ladies do. I absolutely understand that this is a difficult time for many families financially for whatever reasons however I need to strive to do whatever I can as a Mother to help Madi.

We both send love and gratitude for taking the time to read why we are raising funds and our cause.

Much love

Madison and Tracy

All funds raised will be paid directly to the relevant institution.

Mbiko's Varsity Financial goal

‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
– Malcolm X

My name is Sicelo Mbiko from Blaaubosch Langa, KwaZulu-Natal

I am a student at the university of Pretoria and a former Maths and Geography tutor served under Brightsparks. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting sciences degree, in high hopes of pursuing my dream qualification of being a qualified chartered Accountant someday.

I am currently living with my 79-year-old grandmother from Madadeni and with two of my younger siblings; her other grandchildren. My family solely depends on my grandmother’s government grant for survival and there is no other source of income.

I was admitted to the University of Pretoria last year and I consider myself to be very fortunate to be a student at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world. However, I’m facing fees and financial hurdles and unable to pay the expected amount.

In the previous academic year, I was not awarded NSFAS funding, I therefore was prompted and desperately reached out for help
across the university’s finance department, and  I got to know some of the university’s staff members in the college of economics and management sciences like the student-faculty advisors who were of great assistance to me in terms of registration matters and in subsequently receiving student accommodation and being able to use the University’s facilities.

However despite the encouraging efforts from kind people, I remain with a student debt and the University still hold me accountable to settle the amount no later than July 2022, failure of which I will face financial exclusion in accordance with the University of Pretoria’s policies and Acts.

Prior to this circumstance, my grandmother and I took the necessary steps and tried reaching out to other possible sources of funding, including the local municipality in my area but still have not
received any financial assistance and hence I’m now opting for crowdfunding in hope of your kind support from your monetary means.

I am a resilient and determined student and one who is willing to work at my hardest best at all times. That is how I was patient enough to turn my life around after failing in some of the endeavours I had pursued in the past, also with the motivations I kept on receiving from my grandmother who believed in me.

Throughout my life I’ve learned and hold to the philosophy of sharing with others and I believe it leads to one’s personal growth in turn.

With that being said, I would be very humbled and extremely grateful if I can get your support in my educational cause to continue with my studies because I believe that receiving financial assistance will not only
benefit me as an individual but also the society in general, due to the fact
that I will be an active citizen able to use acquired skills towards developing my community.

I believe that working harder and trying my best at all times is what will create a better future for me and thus make my family very proud.

Thank you immensely for your concern and I look forward to your generous gift.


All funds raised will be paid directly to the relevant institution.

Help me pay off my outstanding fees

My name is Linnet Nyoni, born and raised in Zimbabwe. I did my tertiary education at the Durban University of technology and I am currently residing in CapeTown South Africa. My goal here is to raise funds to pay off my university debt.

I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in Homeopathy in 2019 and in May 2021 I graduated with a master of health sciences in Homeopathy and qualified as a Homeopathic doctor. Due to the outstanding university fees, and having been unable to obtain both my graduation certificates, I have been unable to move on to the next chapter of my life which will essentially be going into practice as a Homeopathic practitioner.

Currently, I am self-employed as a macrame artist, making and selling handmade products such as handbags and wall decor items, which I do love but my passion has and always will be in becoming a doctor, hence Homeopathy. I have been self-funded throughout my student, as you can imagine being an international student you don’t have easy access to bursaries or scholarships irrespective of your academic performance. I have been working hard and trying to raise the funds to pay off the debt which is currently on R54 955.86 but it hasn’t been an easy one.

Clearing this debt will not only be a huge relief but will also allow me to move forward in pursuing my passion. I will be forever grateful and indebted to every one of you helping me on this. Thank you for your support and kindness.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I would deeply appreciate you sharing my campaign with your network to help me receive the help I require. Please also consider pledging a monthly donation to enable me to pay for my tuition fees for the next 6 months. All funds raised will be paid directly to the relevant institution.

Get Kgomotso to Make Up School!

Kgomotso is a 26 year old lady with a big heart and a passion for make up. Brixton, Gauteng

She is currently unemployed, but is keen to study make up so that she can start her own business or get work as a make up artist. Later she wants to build on these skills.

But, we need to help her get started.

Kgomotso’s mom is a domestic worker and cannot fund her studies. Her mom used to work for my dad and took care of him while he was dying. My dad’s philosophy was that the greatest gift anyone can receive is education – and this is the gift I want to give Kgomotso.

I have looked into a fabulous school called Kenosis Beauty Institute in Midrand. The course itself lasts a month and is R10k. I want to also raise a further R5k to assist with transport and food costs and for her to purchase make up and equipment.

Her passion and desire to learn is inspirational, and she deserves to be given an opportunity to study. The youth in SA are struggling for work, and this could very well open doors for this young lady so that she too can either create a business or enter the workforce.

We have a chance to make someone’s dream come true – and an opportunity to raise a young woman up. Be the change. Create an opportunity. Be part of the village that lifts Kgomotso up to achieve the goals she has set.