Our Philosophy

We provide a portal to offer help wherever help is needed, by giving a hand UP, rather than a handout to those in need.

Our Vision

With the support of The Angel Network, our beneficiaries can reach their full potential and become contributing members of society

Our Mission

To alleviate poverty and social injustices by working with communities and empowering them to reach their full potential.

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Through SnapScan, PayPal or direct EFT, your support can make a big difference.

Our Latest Campaign

Donations needed to help during COVID-19 crisis

At a time like this, we are all being called upon to assist in any way we can. Medical and emergency personnel are being stretched to their limit, as are SAPS and the army. Let us all, from the comfort of our home, dig deep right now, if we are in a position to, and help where help is needed. We never know when we may be the ones needing help.

We have 3 appeals currently –
– loaves of unopened bread and spreads (not fish paste or peanut butter) for thousands of starving children
– masks and gloves for medical and emergency personnel
– emergency fund to enable us to continue helping our beneficiaries

This is where your donations in the past 4 days have gone to:
– R40 000 – SA Harvest
– R5 000 – Kids Haven
– R5 000 – C.O.N.E.C.K.T
– R25 000 – for 500 masks and 500 pairs of gloves
– R14 000 – sanitizer
– R50 000 – current beneficiaries including Arnold Mhianga, Weston Kamanga, Phronesis Student Development Trust, Tshepiso, George, Raess Eezo, baby Lwanele, Dominic Shillie and Clive Mashishi.

We will be sending R10 000 to The Angel Network in both Cape Town and Durban.

To get involved in any of the above appeals, please contact Glynne on 083 777 1621 or to make a donation CLICK HERE.

Please use Ref sandwiches OR masks OR emergency fund

Without action, the cycle of abuse continues...

The #NOEXCUSE movement has a mission to create social impact in all communities and enable people within them to do the same. The Angel Network is pleased to be included in the Forgood #NOEXCUSE campaign – We call on all our members, donors and beneficiaries to TAKE A STAND against GBV during these 16 Days of Activism. How YOU can make a difference? Whilst we work hard to correct the ills of society, what you can do NOW is donate a RAPE COMFORT PACK – for only R120 ( the cost of a mere 3 cappacinos) to give a moment of dignity to the victims of this heinous crime! #NOEXCUSE #itsnityourfault #forgood

Our Call To Action For Victims Of Rape & Abuse with Miss World SA, Sasha-Lee Laurel Olivier

A very brave, courageous woman who is a shining light to all of us; Sasha-Lee Laurel Olivier, Miss World SA. Taking her story to a global stage as her Beauty With Purpose initiative, Sasha is taking on fundraising for 10.000 Rape comfort packs. As you all know, we started this initiative a while ago, and now we are so proud to have her take it forward. Please support her with a R120 donation to give a moment of dignity to a victim in their worst moment of need. Thank you Miss World SA, Sasha-Lee and the incredible team behind her and this initiative. You don’t have to be abused to be human, and feel another person’s pain.

The Angel Network has already donated R240,000 for 2,000 RAPE CARE PACKS for victims of Rape and Abuse & we’re looking to our community members & corporates to assist us in doubling our initial donation.

With the recent exposé about rape kits on MNET’s Carte Blanche, we were adamant at The Angel Network to help in any way we could. Sadly with the medical protocol involved, we were led to endless dead ends.

Despite the medical protocol that prevents us from doing more, we have together with Penny Stein – who has been instrumental in fighting this insurmountable cause – donated 2,000 RAPE CARE PACKS to clinics, drop-in centres, police stations & a bunch of very hard-working credible NGOs, who tirelessly work in this dark space daily. Our commitment to these RAPE CARE PACKS will be ongoing & we will be there to assist for as long as it takes. Individually, we cannot address the enormity of this problem, but collectively we can offer the victims of rape and abuse a moment of dignity.

The statistics of rapes in our country are staggering. It’s time we stand up & do something to assist those in this life-shattering crisis, we owe it to ourselves to do the right thing. While we would like to do so much more, we are urging our community members to assist us in this appeal, as we fight to get more heavily involved.

We cannot do this alone. We are asking everyone for their help. Please donate R120 per Pack to add to our 2,000 packs. We would like to double this initial contribution.

We are making up 4 different pack – woman , men, girls and boys – and each pack contains: Tooth brush and Toothpaste, Shower gel, Face cloth, Tissues, Deodorant (men and woman pack), Mouthwash, Comb, Sanitary pads (woman pack), Underwear, Sweets (for sugar), Apple Juice, Personalized note.


Who we've helped to date

In November 2015, the Angel Network was little more than a couple of members on a Whatsapp Group. Today, we’re a large network of members, facilitating and mobilising acts of kindness across the country. We have been instrumental in assisting to feed, clothe, house and educate thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children, and assist those that care for children.


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